Where I received my first Yoni Massage


Where I received my first Yoni Massage

Ever since I started dating I was thought about getting a Yoni massage, I’ve never had the amazing orgasmic experiences that other women always rave about. For a while, I thought there was something wrong with me because of it. Was my body just not capable of feeling that kind of pleasure? Eventually, I was ready to lose hope, when I found just what I needed.

It took hours of Internet scouring (searching for “orgasm methods”, “pleasuring women”, and everything in between) until I stumbled upon a website that ,would solve all my problems. Massage4her.com. Attractive men with professional masseur experience covered the front page, each with a description listing what incredible ways they could make me feel. Some of them listed a yoni massage as their expertise. What was a yoni massage, I wondered? A simple search explained that it was a form of tantric healing, or a special type of massage for a woman’s vagina and vulva. Some women swore that it could even give them multiple orgasms! It was way more than a massage, it was a sacred ritual meant to release tension in the most powerful of ways. I had to try it.

I went back to massage4her.com and was easily able to enter in my city and that I was looking for a yoni massage. Multiple handsome masseurs came up as results, and after reading such nice reviews, I decided that I would trust my body with a man named Neil. He messaged back quickly, and we planned the day he would come to my house for my yoni massage.

The day was finally here! I stayed fully clothed at the request of Neil and waited in my living room for the doorbell to ring. Soon, I was at my door greeting a smiling, kind-faced Neil. He was right on time. I lead him to my bedroom, where we began discussing what we would be doing and what I wanted to get out of our experience together. Simple, I said, I wanted to have the best orgasm I could. Piece by piece, he had me take off the clothes on my body to cleanse myself. He then had me lay on my bed, my back pressed against the covers as I waited for him to touch me. When he did, his hands were warm and comfortable against the skin on my stomach. He didn’t touch around my vagina for a while, instead gently working across my abdomen, and then over my breasts. Eventually, he asked for my permission before touching my vulva. I was so aroused. Neil was very respectful with touching me and made sure to continue asking how I felt each step of the way. After a while of skillful rubbing, and eventually insertion, I experienced the greatest feeling I could have ever wished to have. Neil was absolutely amazing and did just what I hired him to do.

Afterward, I was able to pay and tip Neil with my debit card, which was so easy and convenient. He told me that if I ever needed his services again, to just send him a message. I know that I will be seeing him again soon, and I will need to tell all of my friends about yoni massages on Massage4her.com.