My First Experience of Receiving a ‘Yoni Massage’


My First Experience of Receiving a ‘Yoni Massage’

Have you ever had a dream of receiving a Yoni massage by a handsome masseur?

I often envied my male friends, who always talked about visiting massage parlors and having the best times of their life. I am not only talking about a relaxing body massage, but a proper penis massage as well. However, as a woman, I found it embarrassing to even speak with my friends to find out whether they have had an intimate massage from a good masseur.

However, one day I was sitting with a few of my girlfriends over a wine session and we began the topic of erotic massage for women and Yoni Massage. This is when one of them told me about and shared her experience with me. The way she talked about the masseur, his beautiful fingers and how they worked on her body was mesmerizing. I was excited by the way the words came out of her mouth. It was like she was drooling all over the sensual experience she had had. I was craving for a similar experience. After the party, I went to my house, opened my laptop and visited massage4her.

The moment I got onto the website, I was surprised to see all those wonderful faces smiling and looking for the attention of my eyes… and then my eyes were on this handsome face! He had blue eyes, stubble to kill for and a smile you’d never want to take your eyes off from. There was so much of sexual domination on his face that I could do anything to have him satisfy the urges that had been budding in my heart all this while. Thus, I “booked” him so that he could provide me with his services.

Then came the time when I was on this beautiful soft couch, waiting to be touched by the hands of the angel I had hired. He entered into the room and kept his warm hands on my almost shivering back. There were a few words that we exchanged; like he asked me what I did and I responded with a blush on my face. His voice had this amazing masculine texture that sounded like a rhythmic song to my ears. I could have an orgasm only by his voice. By the time I told him a little more about me, his hands were relaxing my butt. He cupped my butt and squeezed it completely. At first, it was more of a relaxing thing; when he kept doing it, moving it in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, I was getting turned on even more. I could feel the aroma of my wet vagina spreading in every corner of the room we were in. It may be the first Yoni massage I had tried, but I was not nervous at all. Of course when it all began, I was a little skeptical about what I was doing. However, since I really wanted to do it, I went for it.

He turned me. With my eyes still closed, I turned and felt my nipples rising to reach the skies. He must have definitely noticed that, but he was kind enough to put a towel on me so that I didn’t feel cold through the towel. But you know what? He placed the towel to excite me even more. Now his oily hands were inside the towel, massaging my breasts. He was definitely feeling my nipples. The pressure he was exerting was neither too hard nor too soft. What I thought was a random massage was actually a turning on factor.

The moment he “scissored” my fully erected nipples between his fingers was the moment I exclaimed my passion with a soft moan. I opened my eyes for a moment. In order to not embarrass me, he kept doing what he was. I closed my eyes again and felt the things he was doing.

He slowly went down to my thighs and rubbed the inner area. The pressure was amazing; I felt relaxed, even though madly turned on now. I felt like my wet vagina was dripping. Softly, he massaged the lips of my vagina and I passed another moan; it was definitely louder this time. Within a few seconds, he was rubbing me down there. His fingers worked like magic; my hand held his wrist and my mouth opened and closed. I kept moaning until I finally had the best orgasm of my life. To calm me after the session, he placed his head on my forehead.

Within a few seconds, I came out of the room and saw myself in the mirror. I was glowing. For a moment, I felt like all the stress I had ever had had come out with that orgasm. Since then, I have had several yoni massage sessions with different masseurs from