Yoni Massage adventures part 1


Yoni Massage adventures part 1

"Ever heard about Yoni massage?" 

I raised my face slowly and looked at Kate from under my long lashes. She was my friend; been my closest friend for a long time that I can't remember how long it had been.  Over the years, we have been there for each other, keeping one another's deepest secrets.
I took my time thinking about what Yoni massage could be all about, and then I shook my head slowly. I had never heard about this Yoni massage, or whatever it was before. 

Kate chuckled. 

"Yoni massage is a therapeutic massage; a form of tantric massage. Yoni is Vagina in Sanskrit; you can figure out the rest…" she said, with a hint of mischievousness in her voice.

Yoni massage, …Vagina massage. The thought of it sent goosebumps all over me. 
"I think that's all you need now to get you functioning again," she said with a wink. 

I guess I had been living under the rocks all these years not to have known what Yoni massage was all about. I just complained to Kate about how dry I have become lately, and she didn't waste time telling me what I needed.  

But what the heck exactly was Yoni massage and how would it feel getting one? For the rest of the evening, I couldn't get my mind off Yoni massage; and as soon as I got home, I threw my laptop open and began a search for Yoni massage centers around town. 
I hadn't searched for long before I hit massage4her.com. The more I checked out the site; it seemed to be exactly what I wanted.

 Massage4her.com had plenty of options close by, and the next thing I did was check out an extensive list of their masseurs. 
I couldn't believe it. I had the option of receiving my treatment right in the comfort of my home, and oh! What an endless list of gorgeous masseurs they have!

It was tough choosing from the extensive list of profiles, but I ended up making my pick and spent the rest of the day anticipating. The weekend was the next day and Connor ; for that was the name of my masseur, was prompt. (changed name to protect identity)
What could I have done without Kate and massage4her.com? I thought. 

Connor's touch was feathery and made me quiver. 

I shut my eyes as I felt his finger circling my clit. I felt the pleasure build up gradually, quickening my breath. Connor was too good at this. 
I felt the tip of his fingers trace my labia, running gently along the engorging lips. I felt a sudden burst of warmth, drenching me. I bit down my lips, stifling an urge to cry out. I wished he would stick his finger inside me, filling me up. 

Connor continued stroking me. I felt his finger get closer and closer, and for a while lingered over my entrance. 
And then I felt him slide inside of me. I moaned out loud, flashes of electricity washing all over me. Suddenly I felt his fingers working all over me; stroking my lips, working my clit and stroking the roof of my Yoni. 

Connor sure knew how to worship the vagina and make a woman happy.  Let me keep the part of how it all ended for now. I'll tell you in another episode.

However, Kate was right. Yoni massage was what I needed, and massage4her.com was my lifesaver. 

I sure would get another Yoni massage soon. 

Thank you, massage4her.com, for bringing back happiness and warmth into my life.