Where Can a Woman get an Erotic Massage?


Where Can a Woman get an Erotic Massage?

It seems like men can get these on every street corner. You'll see a flickering lit neon sign the reads "Amazing asian massage". What about us women? What if we an erotic massage? Do women even have a place to whom are seeking an erotic massage? 

These are all questions that I was determined to get an answer for. It all started one morning waking up after a recurring fantasy that had me had me soaking. I had dreamed of getting an erotic massage from a hot masseur but where could I find such a service. I began googling trying many different search phrases like "female happy ending", "sensual massage for women", til I finally found the magic key words: "Erotic massage for women" I scrolled down the page a little bit and stumbled upon a website called massage4her.com I clicked the link taking me to the homepage. Once landing on the homepage I was intrigued by an alluring image of  a young woman lying face down on a massage table and what appeared to be a hot muscular shirtless hunk massaging down her back toward her butt.

I scrolled further down to find many profiles of some seriously hot guys in the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami area. Plenty of choices nearby. After combing through a few of the profiles and reading the reviews I finally came across the guy that I knew would give me the erotic massage experience that I was looking for. His name was "Kent" (name changed to protect identity) he had think brown hair, a chiseled jaw line, and a body to die for. I booked an appointment and shortly after I found myself lying on a comfy massage table just like the young lady featured on the homepage of massage4her.com 
He started work on my shoulder with slow gentle strokes. He kept inching his hands lower and lower on my back til his finger tips started caressing the top on my butt. The he moved on to my legs he started massaging my calves and hamstrings and eventually worked his way to my inner thighs. He came very close to my vagina without actually touching it. Oh, he was such tease. I kept thinking please put your fingers in me but he continued to tease. Then it seemed almost accidental when his pinky swiped my labia. I let out a deep moaning exhale. I was soaking wet. He then flipped my and rubbed my tits and began fingering me. I climaxed in what was the most euphoric longest last orgasm I've even had.

I was hooked. I continued to see Kent on a weekly basis for the next year enjoying every session of the erotic massage body work that he provided. Eventually he moved out of state. I was a little bummed but at least I know where to go to. I went back to massage4her.com and started looking for the next hunk that was going to give me an erotic massage. Much to my pleasure there were some new profiles listed of some really hot guys. Next up was Cody. When you think you've seen and felt it all but then realize that there was still room for improvement. That's how I felt. After the first time I met with Cody I was on cloud 9 for what seemed like days. It was like nothing could get me down. His erotic massage was heavenly. Lets just say I'm a very happy woman.