Yoni Massage - 10 steps to giving your partner amazing orgasms


Yoni Massage - 10 steps to giving your partner amazing orgasms



The best gift man can give to his beloved woman is the worship of her body and soul. Yoni massage is the way to show her your devotion, and all you need for this act is love, open mind, massage oil, and your own body.


Yoni massage is always the unique, new experience even if this is not the first time the woman enjoys it. It will bring you together as partners both physically and spiritually. Giving this massage is all about being present at the moment, listening to her body and being aware of her pleasure.


This is a guide to sacred intimacy


Keep in mind that this massage is not foreplay, meaning that it should not end in sexual intercourse. The gist is to honor the woman and her femininity. As a giving person, in return, you will receive her deep trust and sacred intimacy.


If you are ready to give your partner this beautiful gift, here are some steps you can take. Understand these steps more like guidance than a rule. Don’t worry, the energy of her body will lead you. If you feel some steps should be repeated, skipped, or maybe some of them should last longer, be free to improvise as long as your partner enjoys it. There are no limits to your imagination.

Step 1: Create your oasis


Make time and space for this magical event. Choose the room where you feel comfortable, and make sure you would not be disturbed. The place should be clean and warm so you can both relax. Lights should be natural but not too bright - candles will help you find the right measure. You should also pay attention to details and make sure all senses are satisfied: natural scents, fresh flowers, playlist with ambient sounds, soft fabrics - all these elements will create an exciting atmosphere that will make both of you open for new experiences.


Step 2: Welcome your goddess


The word yoni refers to the vulva as a divine symbol of sexual pleasure. It embodies the Shakti goddess, and sometimes the receiving woman is called by her name. If you desire to bring your partner true satisfaction during the massage, you should treat her as a divinity. Salute her with respect and make eye contact with her. As she enters the room, give her time and space to adapt. When you notice she is ready, ask her permission to touch her and begin with the massage.


Step 3: Honoring the woman in her entirety


Start your yoni journey with Tantric full-body massage. Apply scented oil to her arms and legs. You can use a base oil such as almond, jojoba or coconut oil, with few drops of jasmine, rose or any other scent your partner loves. After relaxing her muscles you will gain her trust, making her feel absolutely comfortable in her body, and then you can come closer to her erogenous zones.


Step 4: Touch everything but the yoni


Before you get to the yoni itself, take your time to focus on erogenous zones and slowly awake desire in your partner. Massage her palms, inside the wrists, elbows, and ankles, and then her neck and navel. Give special treatment to her belly for there are many nerve endings you can stimulate. Finally, take care of her breasts using slow circling movements.


Step 5: Talk to her


This immersive massage is all about communication between you and your partner. If you are a beginner in yoni massage giving, be free to use words to check how receiving person is doing. Whisper her a question such as “How does this feel?” or “Do you enjoy this?”, and adjust your moves. The more experienced you get, the fewer words you will need because her body will tell you what to do. When you feel her body arousing, start gently playing with her nipples.  


Step 6: Link between emotions and sexuality


Now is the time to focus on the yoni. Slowly open your partner’s legs so you can reach her. This is the most delicate part, and you have to be aware of her limits. It is essential to listen to her body and detect even the smallest resistance which will tell you if she needs some more warm up. When she is ready, place your right hand on her yoni and the left one on her heart. This way you will create the canal between her emotions and sexuality.


Step 7: Light her fire


Begin circling the venus lips with your middle finger from the perineum all the up to the clitoris, and then circle the tip of the clitoris with your fingertip. Stimulating your partner like this can lead to orgasm, but when you see it coming, slow down, and try to prolong the experience. This way multiple orgasms are possible.


Step 8: Use various techniques


To create your own dynamic, consider these different techniques. Make push and pull strokes on both sides of the clitoris, or try tapping it in diverse rhythms. You can also use tugging technique: pull the clitoris away from the body with a gentle move of your fingers, and keep tugging back and forth.


Don’t forget to involve G-spot and nipple massage, but never lose focus from the yoni.


Step 9: Enjoy her pleasure


Always have in mind that your empathic touch is more important than flawless techniques. Trust your intuition and enjoy along with her. Lead her to one or multiple orgasms, and then stay with her. Let her take time to get slowly back from the universe of pleasure. When she opens her eyes be sure you are the first thing she sees, so your emotions can make the connection.


Keep practicing the art of yoni massage


If things don’t go the way you imagined, try not to be discouraged. Whether this is your first time performing the yoni massage, or you already had some experience, you will definitely learn something new from the receiving woman.


It is important that you approach yoni massage with open and curious attitude, with no expectations. Your goal is not to give your partner a simple orgasm, but to help her awake her orgasmic mind. As long as she feels safe and loved, you know you are on the right way to discover new possibilities of the art of yoni massage.