Sensual Massage for Women Part 2


Sensual Massage for Women Part 2

“I have slowly made peace with the fact that my life sucks and my job will never let me have the adequate amount of rest that I need. Yes, I am paid good, but if you do not get a peaceful life, money means a little.” If you think the same every single night before you sleep, you need to read my experience. Is it fun? Yes. Is it awkward? Yes. Will it inspire me? Yes, it will inspire you to take a break and relax. Let me tell you about my experience.

I had an almost similar life like you. I was always overburdened with work, the home was boring, men were either absent or complete idiots, and everything else was far away from the ideal expectation. I had accepted the fact that life is shit and I was living with it. However, things changed when I was researching about Yoga on the internet, and I somehow ended up reading about Yoni Massage and its benefits. The idea had my attention, and I was all pumped up to find more about it. Some websites described it as a relaxing massage while others called it a sensual experience for women. I was confused and lost when I stumbled on this website that clearly said that this massage is nothing but an ‘erotic massage for women.’ Interesting! So, I questioned myself – Do I need it? Maybe not! But what harm can a beautiful masseur cause? And without a second thought, I decided to book an appointment. I did it online and I was already way too excited for it. I got a mail, confirming my booking and I was ready to feel it.

In the evening as I left from office, I almost forgot about the massage. I received a reminder call from the parlour and in no time I was talking to my masseuse, discussing things that I want and things that I don’t. She agreed, with a smile and when she asked me to get naked and lay down, I knew things were going to be good. I dropped my clothes almost instantly and got ready to feel her. She started with the neck. The shoulders followed. Just when I began to think that is all erotic this massage is going to get, she removed the towel covering my ass and started massaging my ass like she loved it. She complimented me on the shape of my ass and how juicy it looked but, this wasn’t helping. I needed something better. So, I switched my side. As I turned, she was smiling, looking me in the eyes and I suddenly felt her hands cupping my breasts. It felt hot and fun. I had everything I needed. She was pressing the right points, the pressure was proper and the movement of her hands was right on point. She paid enough attention to every single inch of my upper body and I was satisfied. She slowly started moving downwards. She started playing with my thighs. By this time, I had started moaning. It got awkward but her touch was so assuring, I decided to stay in the moment, whine as I wanted and let her have her way with my body.

Let’s skip what she did with my legs and how she made me feel super horny and satisfied at the same time. By the time, the massage ended, I was almost dead. Dead with pleasure. I was happier, content and most of all relaxed. I booked another appointment as I walked out, and I am delighted I found them.