Yoni Massage for single mothers with little time


Yoni Massage for single mothers with little time

This is why every single mom needs a Yoni massage. Being a mom can be is so tiring. With all the responsibilities, you rarely have time for pleasure. Especially when you're a divorced mother and you do not have a partner. Having children takes up a lot of my time. Even though the father pays their school and other stuff, I must work and take care of them. The time that I don´t spend cooking or doing homework with them, I spend it at work. The work is also very exhausting. With all these things, I have very few options for pleasure…


It was thanks to a friend, a single mother too, that I discovered erotic massages. At first I felt bad for wanting to devote myself purely to pleasure. But this erotic massage sounded so tempting that I could not deny it. My friend was the one who took me for the first time. That was a Friday, after a hard week. The erotic massage made me forget about my problems, relaxing in a way that I did not think was possible. After that, I became addicted to erotic massages. One guy in particular was my favorite masseur. Tanned, with green eyes and a dream body. He was the one who introduced me to the Yoni massage.


One day he just told me: “There is a massage that I do very well, it's the best, it's called Yoni massage...”After telling him to do it, I could see for myself that this was truly the best thing. The sensations were so vivid, the relaxation was incredible. I felt in a state of ecstasy, enjoying in peace the most intense pleasure. After that first session, I always asked for Yoni massages. He was my masseur for a long time until he had to move out of town. At that time, I was left without a masseur. My friend, who had introduced me to the world of erotic massages, was not there either. She had moved from town too, a shame. It was a bit embarrassing to me.


I could not tell other women about my obsession with pleasure. Much less a massage as sexy as the Yoni massage. But I could not stop thinking about that. The feeling was so pure, so real. Just thinking about that, I feel an electric shock all over my body. But I did not know where to find that. That's how several days went by, where I simply devoted myself to my routine. In the mornings I would get up to prepare breakfast. Take care that my children were ready to go to school. Take them to school, then go to work and finally, in the afternoon, pick them up. Every day I went to sleep thinking about those delicious Yoni massages. The tanned boy did not leave my thoughts. Even sometimes secretly I played with myself thinking of those erotic massages...


One day I could not stand it anymore and I thought: where can I contact a good masseur?” And finally I had the idea to search on the internet. At first, my search was a failure. Every page of masseurs that I found was good. None was on the level. The masseurs did not look good and I knew they would not have talent. But after a whole afternoon looking, I found massage4her, a page where the quality of masseurs is amazing. I decided to choose a boy who reminded me very much of my first regular masseur. I contacted him by email and we arrange the appointment for Friday.


That was just what I needed, something that made me forget the stress of the week. We made the appointment on Wednesday, so I spend the whole week without being able to stop thinking about it. I wanted to know if that Yoni massage would be so good. If massage4her truly advertised good masseurs. All I wanted was a delicious erotic massage, that was it. On Friday I went to the room where the boy performed the massages. A place with an atmosphere perfumed in incense and relaxing music. He asked me politely to get undress. I did it and lay back on the bed, eager for the massage. He delicately opened my legs a little more and then started with the saludation. I have to say that I had already tried some magnificent yoni massages. But that massage made me lose my mind. He touched me so delicately, so sublime. His hands were like the hands of God. The pleasure I experienced with that Yoni massage is something I can never forget.


When it was finished I felt that my feet floating. All I thought was: how amazing the massage4her masseurs are. Since then I have become addicted to trying massage4her masseurs.I can not stop doing it. Thanks to massage4her I have a place to find quality masseurs just a click away. I love happy endings.