Sensual Massages for Women No Longer a Taboo


Sensual Massages for Women No Longer a Taboo


Sensual massages for women have always been a taboo until recently. It all started one morning when I woke up horny, and for the first time in a very long while I was yearning to get laid. It was a weekend, and I didn't have anything scheduled or lined up. I was tired of lying in bed too anxious and needed something to break the boredom. So I stood up and opened my laptop computer.

Soon I was onto some sensual massage sites, exploring and getting aroused by the display of half-naked bodies. And then, I accidentally stumbled upon I found it was a Yoni massage site for erotic massage for women. They also run sensual massage for women.I didn't know there was anything like Yoni massage up until now. The more I read about their sensual massage services, the more intrigued I became.Further down the homepage, there was an extensive catalog of their males to select from.

The most exciting part of it was that they were close; real close to me that I don't have to drive to another city for a Yoni massage.I finally picked Marshall after extensively checking out his profile and viewing as many of his pictures I could. I booked an appointment immediately. In no time I was at one of outlets close to me. I must confess I was a bit jittery and I didn't know what exactly to expect for a sensual massage for women. I was ushered into the massage parlor and made to lie on my stomach; just the way I had seen it on the website. Marshall was a professional.

His fingers moved expertly over my body, beginning from my feet upwards. Each touch was like a puff of wind, blowing my dying embers alive. The massage table gave me a soft cushioning on my front while Marshall worked almost effortlessly on by back. It seemed he carefully avoided my womanhood, but his hands worked every other spot; from my ankles, through my calves and inner thighs, to the top of my butts and my lower back and right up to my shoulders. I was soaked all wet by the time Marshall was through, and I just wished he would flip me over and finger me until I came. He turned me over gently. My breathing was coming in short breathes. My body tingled all over, and I begged Marshall with my eyes to make me come. I think he read my mind. There was a glint in his eyes as he tweaked my nipples. I moaned deeply.

He continued to squeeze my nipples until my back arched away from the table. His hand slid down to my clit then, and I exhaled with all the strength I had. I would have fallen if I was standing. Marshall sent waves upon waves of pleasure through me until I couldn't take it anymore and all the pent up passion within me burst forth in a fountain of release as I orgasm. I thought about and the sensual massage all through my drive home. I was lighter than a feather and couldn't wait to log onto one more time for another appointment with Marshall. I thought I wasn't strange to any sensual feeling, but getting an erotic massage had broken all that. I wonder if Marshall would still have that peculiar glint in his eyes in our next appointment, or should I look for another masseur? I would have to find out soon.