4 Steps to getting a Yoni Massage


4 Steps to getting a Yoni Massage

1. Find out who is offering Yoni Massage is your area

Depending on where you live there will be different options in finding out who is offering yoni massages. If you go to massage4her.com you can find the search field at the top of the page. Type in your city or zip code and this will bring you to the search results and display masseurs located in your area. By default they are sorted by distance. Keep in mind that not all masseurs that advertise on massage4her offer yoni massages. One easy way to filter the search results to only display masseurs that offer yoni massages is to click the middle drop down menu at the top of the search results labeled ‘techniques’. There you will find the option to filter masseurs who specifically offer yoni massages.


2. Choose the right masseur for your yoni massage

Once you have narrowed your search to masseurs in your area that offer yoni massages the next step in to decide which masseur will be right for you. Each masseur will have several recent photos of themselves and section that describes the experience. Also if you scroll down you might see reviews from past and current clients that will tell you about the experience they received. After doing thorough research you should be able to decide which masseur would be the best fit for you.


3. Book your yoni massage appointment

Next step is to book your yoni massage appointment. There are several different ways that you can do this. Most masseurs will have multiple ways of contact. At the very least you should see a phone number above the masseur’s profile picture on the upper right hand of the page. You should also see text box where you can enter your email address and send a private message to the masseur. In the massage description their might be additional details given about booking an appointment so it’s important to read all the way through. Once you have contacted the masseur introduce yourself and tell him that you are seeking a yoni massage and provide a time and day that is good for you. Once you have decided on a time and day mark it on your calendar because you are only one step away from receiving your Yoni massage!

4. Relax and enjoy your yoni massage

Lastly, this might seem like common sense but many women get nervous and/or self-conscious when booking their first Yoni massage. It’s important to remember to relax and not feel worried or nervous. Perhaps drink some tea to calm your nerves and trust that it will be a fulfilling experience. If there are any boundaries that you have it’s important to discuss those with the masseur prior to the massage. Be very vocal about what you do and don’t want. This is your time and enjoy it the way you want it!