Treat yourself to a Yoni Massage


Treat yourself to a Yoni Massage

Could Yoni massage be the spark that will ignite your inner sexual vixen? Sometimes, being an independent woman can be very boring. Work without stopping all day, take care to keep everything in order and also have to deal with the stress that I get to get home.

Sometimes, I just want to relax and stop thinking a bit about work, just undressing in front of the bed, reclining while feeling the fresh sheets to receive me and then receive pleasure. It's that simple, and I don't know any other thing that erases my mind from the whirlwind of daily thoughts like a good sex session, having an orgasm that leaves my legs trembling like jelly. That a sexy man wants to turn me up till burst.

However, I must return to reality and to my work, where the problem lies. Life is hard out there, schedules are increasingly inflexible and to have the level of life I want, I must fight as if I were in a tank of sharks. I must be the best in everything and for that I have to pay a pretty high price: Not having a partner.

In my life there is no time for flirting, movies, kisses under the moon and walks on the beach at dusk, I do not want all those crap, I just want pleasure. I want to feel some strong masculine hands around my waist, sensual lips eating my mouth, my tits, my sex... Eating me all.

It was in this way that I started to try websites to find something that would keep me smiling in the long work routines, I went through a page and then another, nothing convinced me, until suddenly I found a very curious one called Massage4her, in which incredibly attractive men rendered their services to please a lady.

There were all the colors, sizes and flavors. I must admit that I became addicted to this website Massage4her, I sneaked into my lunch hour and saw the image galleries, trying to decide for myself, until I saw a dark-eyed man, I thought he was handsome and when I looked closely his profile, I noticed that it described him as a specialist in Yoni Massage.

"What is a Yoni Massage?" I remember asking myself.

When searching again in Massage4her I found a definition that for some reason I refrained from Reading. I felt my sex got wet for the advance, I had no idea what a Yoni Massage was, but if it was in Massage4her, it should be something really delicious.

I asked for an appointment for that same night, totally excited. That afternoon the work became heavier than usual, the men in my office looked at me curious and eager, seemed to exude a desire that seemed to make them receptive to me. Maybe my way of walking seemed more sensual and my cat eyes looked like I was marrying a prey.

No doubt there was something different in me. When I left the office I went straight home and took a long shower, I flatly refused to masturbate, I knew that the more patience I had, the more pleasure I would find.

On the way to the appointment with that dark sensual, I went back to the Massage4her website, to which I went straight to that profile. I could not help but look at the photo of the man with whom I would meet very soon.

I really wanted that Yoni Massage soon, I wanted to know what it was about and without wasting time, I arrived at the place, where that man received me with sweetness.

“How was the day at work?” He asked kindly, helping me out of my jacket to hang it in the entrance.

“A little tiring, I was thinking all day about this” I assured “I want to know what a Yoni Massage is”.

“How about I show you?” He asked, and I nodded immediately.

And that he did, I got naked in front of the bed and the fresh sheets received me gently, then a gentle hand separated my knees and as I liked it, the pleasure began. His agile fingers massaged my Yoni in such an expert way that it made me lose my head, the orgasm that I had first was quick and then another and another came. It was a night of never forgetting.

That is why after a long day at work, when I want to free myself from the difficulties of being an independent woman, I enter Massage4her and ask for a good Yoni Massage.