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Hello, my name is Neil and I've been a practicing massage therapist for 5+ years. As a life-long athlete I have a unique and very comprehensive understanding of the body. You can expect an exceptional massage experience that will take you to nirvana! I am very skilled in relieving my clients of aching back knots and loosening up tight muscles. Most of my massage is comprised of slow medium to deep strokes canvasing your entire body as glide my hands and forearms up and down your body rolling out your muscles. I mix in many lighter strokes with the deeper ones to help you feel relaxed putting you at ease as you feel your body melting into the table. I seamlessly incorporate stretching throughout the massage helping you increase flexibility and reduce stiffness. Whether you're a professional athlete or average Joe I will tailor my massage to your specific need. I provide my services to everyone regardless of age, gender, or weight. Since everyone's needs are different, communication is key in making sure that I can provide the specific massage experience that you are expecting. I live by the motto "it's better to ask than assume." So you can expect that I will periodically be checking on you to ensure that you are satisfied during the entire duration of the massage. Your comfort and pleasure is my number one priority. I'm based in East Boca and have an in-home massage studio and allow my clients access to the shower and bathroom before and after sessions. If you prefer I can come to you as well. I travel with all my equipment and I can conveniently come to your location with my table, fresh linens, and massage oil. I respect all of clients privacy and do not share their information with anyone. I'm very punctual and easy to reach. If you have any additional questions or want to further inquire about my services don't hesitate to call, text, or email me.



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03 September 2017


Getting a massage like this has been my biggest fantasy ever since I can remember. I was very skeptical at first because come on, it's not something you'd agree to very easily. I was even considering cancelling my appointment last minute because I was so nervous. At the end, I ended up taking the risk and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I don't really achieve satisfaction easily, but with Neil I knew exactly what to do. He was so professional the whole time and he is extremely good at what he does. All I know is after having this extremely exciting experience, I don't know how anyone can ever top it. His fingers are magical, I don't even know what or how he did it, but I'd never experienced anything like it. You think you know what pleasure feels like, until you feel it like this. Ladies, go to Neil He's 10000% worth it.

16 August 2017


I was "treated" by Neil today for the first time but not the last!!! I love massages and the idea of a sensual massage was something I have been thinking about for long time. From the first phone call to the moment I walked in, I felt right about my decision. Neil was extremely sweet & warm throughout the all experience. Neil eases my tension with a massage, slowly moving toward your more sensitive spots & stayed there for as long as "needed". I felt safe & happy, you will too. Thank you Neil. You will hear from me again soon.

12 April 2017


A delicious experience. Neil was professional, courteous and delivered all that was promised. He is skilled and seems to understand the female body on a deep level. I was very satisfied with my treatment and plan to visit again. I was actually concerned that an hour would not be enough time but it proved to be quite sufficient. I am a woman who very much enjoys sensual pleasure but sometimes finds difficulty with fully releasing. Neil took care of that and I was able to expierence Nirvana. Thank you for having the courage to make such a wonderful experience available.

21 February 2017


Hi Ladies, I impulsively booked a session with Neil last Sunday because I was curious and also wanted to relax and enjoy myself. He really does know what he's doing and if you love been touched and taken care of, then this is the guy for you. Everything was very professional, and you feel comfortable at all times. It's just a nice escape from reality, really. I highly recommend you try it out!!

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    Ultimate Nirvana Massage

Ultimate Nirvana Massage

Boca Raton

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Outcall Radius 30 Miles

Height/Weight 5'10" / 175 lb
Per Session $140.00 to 220.00
Appointment Type Incall/Outcall
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  • USD $200.00 for 90 minutes
  • USD $140.00 for 60 minutes


  • USD $220.00 for 90 minutes
  • USD $160.00 for 60 minutes

Payment Methods

Cash, Paypal


Deep Tissue, Candle Wax Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish, Yoni, Sensual, Tantric

Outcall Extras

Music, Massage Table

Additional Services

Fitness Training

Studio (Incall) Amenities

Shower, Candles, Private Parking

Products Used

Oil, Lotion, Hot Candle Wax