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Yoni Massage For You

Hello! My name is Jon and I will give you the Yoni massage that you can only dream of. I will release you of all the stress in your life and your body melts into my massage table and I use my big strong warm hand to canvas your entire body. Yoni massage to me is an art form and to be approached from a very delicate stand point. The clitoris has over 7000 nerve endings while being slightly larger than the tip on a pin. I know how to activate every nerve providing you with an electrifying Yoni massage expierence. I have over 10 years of experience in bodywork and massage therapy and am trained in sports, deep tissue and swedish massage. I am a former competitive bodybuilder and definitely understand how the muscles in the body are connected and what kinds of healing the body needs. My massage style works with many different body types and will help you receive the care your body requires to maximize your feeling of well-being. So whether you are a young, middle aged, or older woman I am happy to give your Yoni unwavering attention Don't be intimidated or fooled by my muscles and tattoos. I am as kind and friendly a guy as you will ever meet and my heart is even bigger than my chest! I work by appointment. Advance notice is definitely appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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    Yoni Massage For You

Yoni Massage For You


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Outcall Radius 30 Miles

Height/Weight 6'1" / 210 lb
Per Session $55.00 to 75.00
Appointment Type Incall/Outcall


  • English
  • Italian



  • USD $55.00 for 60 minutes


  • USD $75.00 for 60 minutes

Payment Methods



Candle Wax Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Yoni

Outcall Extras

Music, Heated Massage Table

Additional Services

Acupuncture, Body Trimming, Mud Treatments, Waxing

Studio (Incall) Amenities

Aromatherapy, Steam Room, Heated Massage Table

Products Used

Oil, Massage Gel, Hot Candle Wax